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P2 OnDemand

P2 OnDemand

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Get access to limitless training and become your own coach, AT A FRACTION OF THE COST, with P2 OnDemand! 

With the fusion of our intuitive App and UNLIMITED access to our Portal, achieving your fitness and health goals has never been easier!


Part I -The App

The App is your one-stop personalized hub where you can:
  • Track your workouts and progressions
  • Manipulate your current program to adjust training days, substitute movements, and more
  • Stay on top of your health habits with in-app diet, step, and sleep trackers!

Part II -The Portal

The Portal is the gateway to our vast library of programs! 
  • Filter by Sex, Client Type, Training Level, and Desired Frequency to discover the program that is perfect for you
  • In just seconds, sync your chosen program to The App and be on your way!
  • Port in a new program at ANY time, as frequently as you like


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