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  • Abby Kirsch

    "I struggle with accountability in my gym routine and nutrition when I have a lot on my plate. I've gained better coping skills in times of increased mental stress and fatigue. The accountability aspect helps to push me to do what I know deep down is best for me even when I don't feel like it at the moment, and showing up for myself even when it's hard has led to increased self-confidence and belief in myself. I've noticed the most muscle growth in my time with P2 than in any other period of my lifting journey."

  • Alexia Curti

    “Physically, I’ve just gotten stronger. Those weight increases every week are a breeze! Mentally, I’ve been more disciplined. Having a new coach helped me get back into the swing of things. I’ve seen a lot of results within the last few months because I’ve been going to the gym and giving it my all with that mental switch since signing on with you.”

  • Hannah Walsh

    "You are the GOAT when it comes to programming. You look at the big picture regarding training, growth, health, and longevity; that is what I love the most. My mental clarity has improved since working with you and changing my training. I am significantly happier outside of training and in the gym. I am substantially less fatigued mentally and physically. I feel less anxious, and freer. I am falling in love with training all over again."

  • Rachell Pitts

    "Your coaching helped me achieve my IFBB Pro Card. I couldn’t have made it this far without your guidance. We have also been able to successfully navigate some stubborn injuries and keep growing at the same time. You have been an incredible source of comfort and strength throughout this process, especially when I was battling some inner demons."

  • Darren Clifford

    “I really had no idea how much I could dig deep and embrace the suck in my workouts until we started together. Safe to say you’ve pushed me harder than I was ever used to and it’s been satisfying to me that challenge head on”

  • Amberly Lawrence

    "Before I started with P2, I worked with a few coaches. I was given cookie-cutter programming and wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I've gained size/lines in my legs that I haven't seen before. Since working with Ty, I've become more confident in my abilities and appearance. He's helped me bust through some walls I've had up for quite some time. What resonated with me the most is how genuinely he cares for his people and wants to see them succeed. I've never felt like another client on his roster."

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