After graduating from The Ohio State University in 2014 with his Bachelors Degree in Nutrition/Exercise Science Minor (Pre-Physical Therapy), Chris knew he wanted to be a difference-maker in the health-and-wellness field.

He ultimately decided to shift gears from Doctoral school and dove head first into the fast-paced, high-pressure arena of Orthopedic Trauma Medical Sales. For years, Chris worked hand-in-hand with orthopedic surgeons in life-or-death surgeries that provided the foundational understanding of human anatomy and physiology that his coaching intensity was later built upon.

Chris brings to the team a versatile, athletic history from martial-arts to field sports. Playing collegiate football instilled a commitment to the details; the little things that separate the good from great, and the great from exceptional—These traits are evident in the way he carries himself as a coach and the passion in which he aims to help his clients.

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