Head of Nutrition

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian

Certified Personal Trainer

National Level Bikini Athlete

Page is registered dietitian nutritionist, working primarily in the online space since 2015, serving people all over the country. She has a bachelor of science in Dietetics from the University of Cincinnati, specializes in sports nutrition & entrepreneurship, and has 5+ years experience as an NFPT certified personal trainer. Page is passionate about using bloodwork to find the root cause of health issues, and is trained on the use of diet management for IBS. She is a DUTCH provider (advanced hormone testing) and a dietetic intern preceptor for aspiring RDs. She has competed as a bodybuilder and is a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor.As a dietitian, she primarily works with the general population (athletes and non-athletes alike) to give macronutrient, cardio and supplement recommendations, review bloodwork, teach both basics and advanced concepts in nutrition, and works with other healthcare professionals to address her clients’ medical and nutritional needs.She is currently living in Akron, OH with her husband and two young daughters (with a third coming March 2024).


  • Comprehensive 1on1 Nutrition Coaching

  • Holistic Bloodwork evaluations

  • Diet Relationship Mindset Mentor

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