Challenge of the Week- "ACID"

Challenge of the Week- "ACID"


A- Amazingly

C- Calamitous

I- Inverse biceps

D- Decimation

After sufficient warming up and feeder sets, load an EZ bar with your ~15 rep max for Overhead Triceps Extensions and set an adjustable bench to an ~80-90º angle.  

Go to technical failure with this set-up then transition into a mechanical drop-set. 

Adjust the bench to ~60º and continue with High Incline Skullcrushers to failure with the same load. 

Then adjust the bench to ~30º and continue with Slight Incline Skullcrushers to failure with the same load. 

Make the final bench adjustment and go to failure one more time with Flat Skullcrushers. 

Expect reps to drop off quickly due to fatigue accumulation. Try to limit rest to only as long as it takes to adjust the bench and get back into position. Have a partner assist if possible to reduce latency. 

Perform this sequence ONLY ONCE.


How to Progress

Progress with “ACID” should be made through an increase in load and/or total reps achieved. 

Latency between the “drops” should also be vaguely kept track of due to the correlation between rest time and performance. In other words, progress can also be made by increasing the density of work being done (though this should not be the primary method). 


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy of the Triceps

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