Challenge of the Week—"BIKE"

Challenge of the Week—"BIKE"


B- Barbaric

I- Intervals of 

K- Kilojoule

E- Expenditure


Using a spin bike or Assault bike, perform a tabata (1:2 work:rest ratio).

The tabata is going to be 10 seconds of max-effort work (sprint) followed by 20 seconds of low-intensity work (light peddling).

If you’re able to adjust the internal resistance of the bike, set it to be moderate.

Repeat this for a total of 10 minutes—or twenty, 30-second rounds.

The goal is to minimize the drop-off in power output from the 1st round to the last.


How to Progress

Progress with “BIKE” can be made through adding more rounds AND/OR increasing your average power output (as measured by RPMs)


Primary Use Case

Improved Conditioning and Work Capacity

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