Challenge of the Week- "BURN"

Challenge of the Week- "BURN"


B- Bootylicious

U- Unilateral

R- Reps of 

N- Nightmares


Using a load that is about your 20RM for B Stance Hip Thrusts, perform as many reps as possible with a 2001 tempo, starting with your weaker leg. 

Then using the same leg, move to Single Leg Braced DB RDLs and perform as many reps as possible with a 3000 tempo and a load that would be about your 20RM. 

Then, using the same leg, move to bodyweight FFE Split Squats and perform as many PULSED reps as possible with a 2020 tempo. 

Take a full rest period before running through this whole sequence on the other leg. Only perform ONE set for each leg. 


How to Progress

Because the desired effect is maximal metabolic stress rather than mechanical tension, progress with “BURN” should be made via rep increases and/or subjective biomarkers (i.e. strength of pump). An easier way to quantify progression here would be to aim for subjective improvements with the Hip Thrusts and RDLs then objective rep/TUT (time-under-tension) increases with the Split Squats. 


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy (through Metabolic Stress) of the Glutes

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