Challenge of the Week—"CURL"

Challenge of the Week—"CURL"


C - Cataclysmic

U - Unleashing of

R - Relentless

L - Lactic Acidosis


Set-up for Cable Curls using either a straight-bar or EZ-bar attachment. 

Take your time working up to a load that is close to your 10 rep max. Perform 2-3 feeder sets of 4-6 reps. 

Once you find the right weight, take it to technical failure, then immediately continue into a double-drop-set. 

The load reductions should be ~25% each (based on the initial weight) and also taken to technical failure. 

Try to minimize latency between drops by having a partner change the weight for you.

After technical failure on the last drop, rest for 5 deep breaths then perform an isohold at 90º elbow flexion. Hold for as long as possible.   

Perform this sequence ONLY ONCE.


How to Progress

Progress with “CURL” can be made through adding load and/or increasing reps achieved. 

Note that adding load to the top set should be the primary method of progression, as downstream loads will also increase as a function of the initial weight. 

Additionally, note that reps can be increased when viewed as a whole (i.e. adding up the total across all sets) or as chunks (i.e. adding reps to one set but maintaining output on the others). 


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy (via Metabolic Stress) of the Biceps

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