Challenge of the Week- "DEAD"

Challenge of the Week- "DEAD"


D- Do not

E- Ever

A- Attempt this

D- Dumb shit


Set up for DB Bulgarian Split Squats. Hold the DB in your contralateral hand and use your ipsilateral hand for balance and stability. 

Perform 2 feeder sets of 10 reps each before reaching a weight that is about your 10-12 rep max. Take this load to technical failure. 

After failure on the working set, perform a 10 second isohold (while still holding the load) in the position in which you can generate the most tension in your glutes.

Next, drop the weight by ~50% and repeat the prescription (technical failure -> 10 sec isohold)

Finally, drop to bodyweight, go to technical failure again, and perform an isohold for as long as you can hold it. 

Perform this whole sequence on one leg, take a full rest, then repeat on the other leg. 


How to Progress

Progress with “DEAD” can be made through increasing the load used, achieving more reps, and/or extending the time of the LAST isohold with bodyweight.  

Note that this is meant to be ONLY ONE set—volume (through additional sets) should never be added as a means of progression.


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy of the Glutes and Quads

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