Challenge of the Week- "DOLL"

Challenge of the Week- "DOLL"



D- Dumbbell 

O- Only

L- Lat 

L- Liquidation


Select a load that would be close to your 20 rep max for a strict Single Arm DB Row. The idea is to perform a single set to failure using the “deadstop” technique. Control the eccentric and allow the load to fully settle on the ground before initiating the concentric. Momentum, hip drive, and trunk rotation can be carefully used to keep the set going and get additional reps (within reason). 

Start with your weaker arm, take a full rest, then match reps on the stronger side. 


How to Progress

Progress will be measured through increasing reps (primary) and/or increasing load (secondary). Intensity should be maximized rather than volume. As a challenge, this is about as simple as it gets in terms of total variables. 

Example: Week 1- 100lbs for 19 reps; Week 2- 100lbs for 21 reps; Week 3- 100lbs for 22 reps; Week 4- 105lbs for 20 reps

“DOLL” and similar challenges are based off the technique of “widow-maker” or “marathon” sets in which a single set to failure is used as a beacon for progression. The premise is that there are a specific class of movements (i.e. Leg Press, Squats, Single Arm DB Rows, etc) that are more limited by psychological, rather than physical, constraints. With these exercises, it’s common for the trainee to subjectively feel as though they have hit muscular failure, but when there is a definitive number to beat, they are able to get “one more rep” week after week. It is a test of absolute strength and mental fortitude. 


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy of the Lats, Rhomboids, and Rear Delts

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