Challenge of the Week— "GOAT"

Challenge of the Week— "GOAT"


G- Growth

O- Optimized

A- Advanced

T- Technique for growing your pecs using lots of drop sets


Set-up for Incline DB Flyes. Use a ~45º incline and a load that is about your 10 rep max. 

Go to technical failure on the Flyes with perfect form. 

Then immediately press the DBs together in a neutral grip and continue to failure with Hex Presses. 

Then immediately separate the DBs and continue to failure with DB Presses with a semi-pronated grip. 

After failure with the DB Presses, drop the load by ~25% and return to the Flyes. 

Cycle through the mechanical drop set again in the same fashion. 

Once you finish this second time through, drop the load AGAIN by ~25% of the initial load. 

Cycle through the mechanical drop set again. 

In total, you will perform 3 load drop sets with a mechanical drop set at each stage keeping rest to a minimum. 


How to Progress

Progress with “GOAT” can be made through increasing the load used (on any stage) AND/OR reps achieved (on any stage).

However, the primary method of progression should be to increase the LOAD used on the initial stage.


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy of the Pecs

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