Challenge of the Week— "JUMP"

Challenge of the Week— "JUMP"


J- Just an

U- Ungodly and 

M- Magical

P- Pump


Using with a weight that would be about your 20 rep max, perform Standing Lu Raises and take the set to technical failure. 

Without resting and using the same load, immediately continue with Standing DB Laterals, DB Upright Rows, and Standing Arnold Presses—taking each of these to technical failure as well. 

Finish by holding a Bodyweight Plank (from forearms) for as long as possible. 

This circuit should be performed ONLY ONCE.


How to Progress

Progress with “JUMP” can be made through adding load, getting more TOTAL reps on the DB variations, and/or holding the Plank for more time. 

Note that this is meant to be ONLY ONE set—volume (through sets) should never be added as a means of progression.


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy (via Metabolic Stress) of the Delts

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