Challenge of the Week- "LEAD"

Challenge of the Week- "LEAD"


L- Ludicrous

E- Expulsion of 

A- ATP and

D- Desire to live


Using a plate for the modality, select a load that would be challenging for 20 reps of Standing Overhead Front Raises. Perform 10 perfect reps. 

Next, move to Step-Ups. Do not rest and do not set the plate down. 

The surface being used should be about knee height and stable. Hold the plate in a “goblet” position. Perform 5 reps each side and alternate legs as you go. 

Next, move to Supine Pullovers. Do not rest and do not set the plate down. 

Get a full ROM and deep stretch through your lats. Perform 10 perfect reps. 

Continue back to the Standing Overhead Front Raises with no rest and without setting the plate down. 

Cycle through this tri-set as many times as possible until you have to set the plate down. 

Once the plate leaves your hands, the set is over. 


How to Progress

Progress with “LEAD” can be made through increasing the load used and/or increasing the total duration of work. 

Because grip strength and general postural fatigue will most likely be the limiting factors, extending the time holding the plate should be the primary method of progression.

The volume (in terms of reps per round) should remain consistent. 


Primary Use Case

Improved Systemic Work Capacity

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