Challenge of the Week- "NORTH"

Challenge of the Week- "NORTH"



N- Non-stop

O- Out-of-the-ordinary

R- Resistance

T- Training at 

H- High-Intensity 


Set-up 3 stations: one for Barbell Hip Thrusts, one for KB Swings, and a lane for DB Walking Lunges. Use loads that are ~70%, ~50%, and ~70% of your ~15RM for each exercise, respectively. The weights don’t have to be perfect; just make them challenging while staying shy of failure. For 10 minutes, perform as many rounds as possible of 15 reps of each movement (15 reps per leg of the Lunges). Rest as needed and be strategic to maximize density of work. 


How to Progress

The primary method of progression with “NORTH” will be to increase the number of rounds achieved in the time limit. This can be measured in full or partial rounds, but the time limit should not change. 

A secondary route would be to increase the load used for the movements, but because we’re focused on maximizing metabolic stress and improving work capacity, the weight used is much less important, comparatively. As an additional consideration, the initial loads might need to be adjusted week-to-week in order to find the sweet spot of difficulty, however, this would not be done as a progression. 


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy (via Metabolic Stress) of the Glutes and Improved Systemic Work Capacity

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