Challenge of the Week— "PUMP"

Challenge of the Week— "PUMP"



P- Prodigious

U- Unleashing of a 

M- Masterful

P- Posterior


Set-up for Hip Thrusts using on a Smith Machine OR another machine-based Hip Thrust variant.

Perform 1-2 feeder sets of 10 reps while working up to a load that would be about your 20 rep max. 

Once you have the estimated ~20RM loaded, take it to technical failure. 

After failure, you’re going to continue with Myoreps consisting of 5 additional reps and 5 breaths as rest per round. Try to get as far as you can with this additional volume. 

Discontinue the Myos when you can no longer achieve 5 perfect reps OR you complete 5 full rounds.

Perform this sequence ONLY ONCE.


How to Progress

Progress with “PUMP” can be made through increasing the load OR getting further in the Myos. 

The primary method of progression should be to use the same load until 5 full Myo rounds are able to be completed and then increase the load by ~5% for the next bout.  


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy of the Glutes

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