Challenge of the Week— "QUIT"

Challenge of the Week— "QUIT"



Q- Quoxic

U- Unleashing of 

I- Immense

T- Torment 

Set-up for Wide Pronated Pulldowns using a load that is roughly your 30 rep max. Make sure to wear straps so your grip doesn’t give out and to save your forearms. Set a timer for TWO minutes. 

You can perform normal reps, partials, or hold in the stretch but do not allow the load to settle until the time is up.  Pace yourself and try to get as many full ROM reps as you can.

After two minutes, rest for 60 seconds before going into a Wide Pronated Dead-hang. Using a chain belt, add a load that is ~50% of your bodyweight. Also wear straps here for grip. Hold the hang for as long as you can.

Perform this sequence only ONE time. 


How to Progress

Progress with “QUIT” can be made through adding load and/or full-ROM reps to the Pulldowns OR adding load and/or time to the Dead-hangs.

The primary method of progression should be to extend the Dead-hang time.


Primary Use Case

Improved Scapular Mobility and Hypertrophy of the Upper Back (Lats, Teres Major, Mid/Low Traps, Etc)

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