Challenge of the Week—"QUIT"

Challenge of the Week—"QUIT"



Q- Quoxic

U- Unleashing of

I- Immense

T- Torment


“QUIT” is going to be a circuit comprised of five exercises: Bodyweight Standing Calf Raises, Standing DB Reverse Curls, Bodyweight Standing Toe Raises, DB Hybrid Upright Rows, and Bodyweight Prone Around-The-Worlds.

Find a clear 8ft x 8ft space and grab DBs that would be about your ~30 rep max for the Curls and Upright Rows (Note: the loads should be pretty similar for both exercises but you can grab two sets of DBs if needed). I’d also recommend a yoga mat (for the Prone Around-The-Worlds) and a ~2-3 inch block/mats (to create more ROM for the Calf and Toe Raises).

The circuit will be performed as a “time-ladder”

Round One will see each movement performed for 10 sec of continuous work followed by 10 sec rest between exercises, Round Two will see each movement performed for 20 sec of continuous work followed by 20 sec rest between exercises, and so forth…

This escalation will ascend until technical or concentric failure is achieved on ANY of the exercises within the circuit.

Perform this circuit ONLY ONCE.


How to Progress

Progress with “QUIT” can be made through making it further (i.e. lasting longer) in the time-ladder through subsequent attempts.


Primary Use Case

Improved Systemic Muscular Endurance and Work Capacity 

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