Challenge of the Week—"SKIP"

Challenge of the Week—"SKIP"


S- Super

K- Kewl

I- Intro to

P- Pain


Begin by setting up a barbell in a landmine attachment.

Add load such that it would be (very roughly) your ~15RM with Alternating Landmine Cossack Squats.

Make sure to go through 1-2 sets of unloaded/light Cossack Squats before the working sets in order to get comfortable in the ROM.

Once sufficiently warmed up, hold the end of the bar in the goblet position, adjust your feet as needed, and perform 5 reps each way.

Immediately transition into 5 reps each of Alternating Landmine Reverse Lunges with the same load.

Then immediately transition into 5 reps of Landmine Goblet Squats with the same load to complete the round.

Reps will taper down by one in each subsequent round (i.e. 4, 3, 2, then 1).

Make sure to get through a full round before taking rest if needed.

Try to finish the FULL sequence in as little time as possible.


How to Progress

Progress with “SKIP” should be made primarily via adding load to the bar in subsequent attempts

The total time-to-completion should be minimized (provided execution and control aren’t compromised), which opens an secondary avenue of progression if load cannot be increased for whatever reason


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy of the Quads and Glutes

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