Challenge of the Week: "TAXI"

Challenge of the Week: "TAXI"


T- Timed

A- Anaerobic

X- Xercise

I- Intensifier 

Perform as many Push-Ups as possible in 5 minutes. If you stop to rest, immediately transition into 10 reps of Prone Around-The-Worlds. There should be no point where work is not being done. Use rest (i.e. Around-The-Worlds) strategic to maximize density of Push-Ups.

If you can’t get at least 10 reps with bodyweight, perform these from your knees or against a bar set to knee height. If you can get more than 30 reps with bodyweight, elevate your feet by ~12 inches or add band tension to increase resistance. 


How to Progress

Progress on TAXI can be measured week-to-week through increases in Push-Ups within the fixed time limit. 

If this challenge is implemented over non-sequential phases (i.e. 4 weeks on -> 12 weeks off ->4 weeks on), resistance can be titrated up as a form of foundational progression. But it is recommended to focus on increasing density of work—rather than overload—across  successive weeks. 


Primary Use Case

Increased Work Capacity and Hypertrophy of the Pecs, Triceps, and Delts

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