Challenge of the Week- "VEIL"

Challenge of the Week- "VEIL"



V- Volcanic

E- Eruption of

I- Inescapable

L- Leg-pocalypse


“VEIL” will use a Machine Leg Extension and Leg Press  

Begin on the Leg Press and perform 2-3 feeder sets of ~8-10 reps until you find a load that is close to your 20 rep max. 

Note that you should be performing these feeders BEFORE Leg Extensions due to the difference in loading between the two movements. 

When you have the Leg Press loaded with approximately your 20RM, go over to the Leg Extension. Also use a load that would be about your 20RM here. You may need to perform a single warmup set but you can also jump right in if your quads and knees feel sufficiently warm. 

Start the challenge by going to concentric failure on Leg Extensions.

After failure, immediately move into a double drop-set. Reduce the load by ~25% on each drop. Take these to concentric failure as well. 

After completing the drop-set sequence, rest for ~30 sec before moving back to the (hopefully, still loaded) Leg Press.

Now, take these to technical failure. 

Fatigue will restrict the amount of reps you’re able to get, but take your time and push these as hard as you can. Have a spotter if possible for confidence and extra motivation. No drop sets should be performed on Leg Press. 

The sequence is over when you can’t get any more reps on Leg Press.

Only perform ONE round of this.


How to Progress

Progress with “VEIL” can be made through increasing the load used (on one or both movements, including the drop-sets) AND/OR reps achieved (on one or both movements, including the drop-sets).

However, the primary method of progression should be to increase the number of reps on Leg Press.


Primary Use Case

Hypertrophy of the Quads

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