Core Crusher

Core Crusher

Training Notes:

A1: The movement should be confined to ONLY trunk flexion and extension. Adjust your body so the ball is pressing into the middle of your lumbar spine and your feet flat on the floor. Do not hook your feet/ankles under anything. Adhere to the tempo and think about inhale during extension and exhale during flexion. If done right, your abs should get exhausted quickly. Take the last set to failure. Rest ~30 sec before A2.

A2: Forearms should be on the ball. Take a wide stance with your feet for stability. Your glutes should be contracted, pelvis in slight posterior tilt, and back parallel to the floor. Reach through your scaps to protract fully. Make tight circles with your hands (as if stirring in a pot). Alternate directions each rep. Maintain your body position throughout and remember to breathe. Take the last set to failure. Rest ~60 sec before returning to A1.

B: Use a load that would be challenging for 10 trap bar deadlifts. Perform 1x50 yards with 50% of working set weight. Use straps so your grip isn’t the limiting factor! We want this to be a full body stability exercise. As you’re carrying, try to keep your body as still as possible and avoid shifting hips. Keep your abs braced and upper back tight. Make sure to set the bar if you have to turn rather than trying to do it while holding the load. Take full rest between sets. The last set should be taken as far as you can go!  

C: Ease into loading on this movement. There should be trunk and hip rotation similar to swinging a golf club. Arms should be straight when the bar is centered overhead but the lead arm will have to bend when taken to either side. Perform the concentrics powerfully through trunk/hip rotation. Pause briefly with the bar overhead between reps to stabilize. Gradually add load each set if you feel comfortable with the movement but note that this is NOT meant to be a max loading exercise. Take full rest between sets. 

D1: Add a band from behind your head. Hold it over your chest in an isometric pullover position. Keep your low back pressed into the floor throughout the set. Alternate extending each leg out one at a time while holding the other in position at 90º knee/hip flexion. Try to maintain a steady pace and get as many quality reps in as possible during time. Rest 60 sec before D2. 

D2: Sit on a box/bench so your thighs are about parallel with the floor. Take a wide stance with feet flat on the floor to increase stability and open space for the ROM. Bear hug a moderate load (i.e. ~20-50lb) med ball, or equivalent, so your scaps are protracted and thoracic spine slightly flexed. This works better with larger diameter balls. Hinge at the hips AND allow spinal flexion through the eccentric. You should feel each vertebrae opening up as you do this. Get as much ROM as your mobility allows you to safely achieve. Then perform the concentric by extending through the hips and each vertebrae. The tempo should be SLOW! Try to maintain a steady pace and get as many quality reps in as possible during time. Rest 60 sec before returning to D1.

E: Only ONE working set here. Try to go as heavy as you can for a 60 sec plank from your forearms. Make sure your positioning remains technically sound throughout the set otherwise reduce the weight. Have a partner assist with getting the load on and off your back. 

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