Full Body Minimalism

Full Body Minimalism

Training Notes:

A1: You can use rings or TRX straps for these. Just make sure each arm/hand can move independently. Adjust the height of the rings and bench/box with your feet on it so that you can get a full ROM/stretch on each rep. Rotate from pronated to supinated through the concentric and adhere closely to the tempo. Rest ~30 sec before A2

A2: Elevate your feet by ~12 inches and hands by ~3 inches. Make the press fluid and end in a pike position with your hips elevated and torso as close to vertical as your mobility will allow. Reach through the top of the press and allow your scaps to elevate. Full rest before returning to A1

B1: Alternate as you go. Try your best to keep your trunk/hips still. Keep the pace of these slow and controlled and end the sets when you can no longer press yourself back into the pushup position. No rest before B2

B2: Note the tempo and start with your weaker side. Use just bw and keep your back leg off the floor the entire set. No locking out at the top of the ROM. The limiting factor will be balance so end the sets when you have to put your off leg down again. Take brief rest between legs. 

B3: Ease into the tension here and note the tempo. Perform these dynamically. The fulcrum should be above the knee to take stress off the joint. Allow your hips to drop on the eccentric and lengthen the working adductor. Then bridge back up to the start position by contracting your adductor. Be very careful on these! Start with weaker side then match reps reps on the other side. Take brief rest between legs. 

C: Set these up so that your off leg can swing through on the eccentric without hitting the ground. Use your upper body for stability and balance. Note the tempo! Start the eccentric with the hinge then sweep your off leg forward pulling your working leg into full knee flexion and lengthening the quad. Keep your torso angle vertical to stress the quads more. Limit how hard you pull with your upper body and make sure the working leg is doing the majority of the work. Take rest as needed between legs

D: Perform these on flat bench and only bw. The ROM here will be short but focus on maximally contracting on every rep. Start with the “Y” raises with pronated wrists and go until you can’t get a full ROM. Then immediately transition to “T” raises with palms to the sky and do the same thing. Then transition to “W” raises leading with your thumbs and take that to failure as well. Only rest ~60 sec between sequences here. These will seem easy at first and then will crush your delts/upper back. Keep the tempo very slow and controlled. 

E1: These should be JUST bw but note the tempo. Elevate your heels if needed for more comfort. Keep the ROM in the middle third to prevent resting in the full stretch or lockout. Take these as far as you can without deviating from the tempo. End set when you can no longer stand the burn and have to lockout to rest. Take 5 deep breaths before E2

E2: Just bw here again. Squat down halfway and hold for as long as you can. Fight through the pain! End set when you can no longer stand the burn and have to lockout to rest. Take 5 deep breaths before E3

E3: Hold in parallel squat position against the well. Posteriorly tilt your pelvis to pull your hips off the wall. Only your low back should be in contact. End set when you can no longer stand the burn. 

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