Glutes + Delts Pump

Glutes + Delts Pump

Training Notes:

A1: Keep all tension in the delts and focus on maximizing time-under-tension. Aim for the top of the rep range on set one and then allow reps to drop in subsequent sets as fatigue rises. Rest 30 sec before moving to A2.

A2: Make sure to be deliberate with seat height and body position to get the perfect line to match the rear delt fibers. Allow for natural scapular retraction here. Aim for the top of the rep range on set one and then allow reps to drop in subsequent sets as fatigue rises. Rest 30 sec before moving back to A1.

B: Perform these in a rest-pause fashion. Use a load that would be around your 30 rep max. Get to the rep target in as few total sets and as little total time as possible but with perfect form and rep control. Each "set" should be to 1RIR and rest ~20 sec every time you have to stop. Aim for a huge glute pump here and maintain a neutral pelvis to minimize low back involvement. 

C1: Try to use a long strap attachment for this. Keep the load and intensity moderate so the intent can be exclusively focused on the mind-muscle connection in the glutes. The ROM should be small to reduce hamstring and erector involvement. Contract the glutes as hard as you can in extension. No rest before C2.

C2: Perform these seated and with back support if possible. Each segment of the ROM should be controlled. Pause briefly in each transition point as well. Do your best to keep the tension in the delts throughout the entire set and disallow intraset resting at the top or bottom of the ROM. No rest before C3.

C3: Band around the ankles. Perform these in batches of 5 reps each way until you can no longer stand the burn. Try to moderate band strength so your total reps are between 20-30 on each side. No rest before C4.

C4: Band around thighs. Hold a parallel squat with knees and hips at 90º flexion. Use the band as a cue for abduction. Try to moderate weight added to your lap so your total time is between 60-90 sec. Full rest before returning to C1

D: These can be done on a belt squat (Pit Shark is preferable) or using a single DB/KB. Hold the load in your contralateral hand and use your ipsilateral hand to brace and balance. Keep the ROM short to bias the glutes rather than hamstrings. Add in controlled rotation around the working hip to further lengthen/shorten the glutes. Make sure there is no rotation or flexion/extension coming from the trunk! It should be all in the hips here! Keep the tempo slow and aim for a huge glute pump with a ton of time under tension. Rest as needed between each leg. 


Additional Notes: 


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