Guest Article: How Bodybuilding Elevated My Life

Guest Article: How Bodybuilding Elevated My Life

For some reason, I feel like bodybuilding is “trending” right now throughout the social media realms. 

Beyond Instagram and Facebook, even when mindlessly scrolling on Tik-Tok I feel like every other video being pushed on my algorithm is centered around the sport of bodybuilding—And this is why I’m getting sick of it…

The content I’m seeing isn’t just athletes showcasing their physiques or day-to-day routines; it’s people who may have previously been in the sport OR even those who haven’t and are just outside observers. Yet, they’re immediately putting a negative name on Bodybuilding. 

“This is obsessive!” 

“This is not a healthy mindset!” 

“Tracking macros in an eating disorder!”

Literally—What the f*ck?! 

These videos leave me FUMING! 


Bodybuilding was a path I explored in 2019 to take things to the next level. I always loved being active and was ready to set a new goal for myself. Even though I went in kinda blind and not knowing much about the sport, I can confidently say it saved my relationship with not only myself, but also with food and the gym.

I used to eat like bunny rabbit, trying to find low calorie options for everything.

Undereating, overexercising, cardio + weights + steps everyday with no breaks at all. 

I was scared to not have a six-pack 24/7/365 or to see the scale increase. 

I was under the impression that more = better. 


Then I met my current coach (Dylan Bair) who pretty much told me to chill the fuck out, eat some food, and let’s see what happens. 


Fast forward 3 years…

I now have my bachelors in human nutrition, earned my IFBB pro card, am a full-time lifestyle and prep-coach helping others heal their relationship with food and reach their goals. I have reached my heaviest AND lightest bodyweight, highest AND lowest body-fat percentage, and can say with FULL confidence that I have loved every minute of it. 

This sport allows you to LEARN more about your own body; what it likes, what it doesn’t, and how to manipulate intakes to yield the best possible version of yourself, both inside and out. You figure out which foods and quantities give you sustained energy and mental clarity, and which make you feel like trash.


Bodybuilding can be extremely eye-opening and life-changing because it forces you to understand you. 


Understand that rest is essential for physical and mental growth. 

Understand that food is fuel and not something to be avoided. 

Understand that excessive cardio is not going to help you build the muscles you want. 

Choosing to compete has helped me evolve into the person I am today. A person with complete freedom when it comes to food, complete freedom with the gym, not feeling any guilt for fueling my body or taking rest days. A person who is enjoying every second of this process. 


Bodybuilding has elevated my life and opened my eyes—not just to what it means to be an athlete on the biggest stage, but also how to just f*cking enjoy life. 

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