GVT Pull

GVT Pull

Training Notes:

A: Try to use a shoulder width grip if possible. Adjust the load as needed so that you’d be able to get ~20 reps on your initial set if taken to failure. Use band or machine assistance if your bodyweight is too heavy. Add weight if your bodyweight is too light. You’re going to be performing 10 sets of 10 perfect reps here. The goal is to accumulate as much volume as possible. If you fail before reaching 100 total reps, reduce the load by as needed so you’re able to continue all the way. It’s better to be conservative in load to start and then add load in subsequent weeks as tolerance and work capacity are built. Rest 90 sec between sets. 

B: Use semi pronated grip here. Keep your body flat against the bench and avoid hyperextension. Focus on controlled eccentrics and free scapular movement. Pause and reach in the stretch and try to retract your shoulders as hard as you can in contraction. Leave reps in the tank here and take full rest between sets. 

C: Rotate from neutral to supinated through the concentric. Maintain supination on the eccentric. Keep these very strict and take the last set to 1RIR. Full rest between sets. 

D1: Use a grip that is just outside your shoulder width and a load that would be about your 30 rep max. Make sure to wear straps so your grip doesn’t give out and to save your forearms. Set a timer for two minutes and do not allow the load to settle until time is up. You can perform normal reps, partials, or hold in the stretch as needed as long as you’re still holding the load up. These will BURN so pace yourself as you go. Try to get as many full ROM reps as you can. Rest ~60 sec before D2.

D2: Use a grip that is just outside your shoulder width. Using a chain belt, add a load that is ~50% of your bodyweight. Make sure to wear straps so your grip doesn’t give out. You’re just going to be holding in the hang position. Allow your shoulders to be pulled into a shrug and your lats, teres major, and rear delts to be stretched. Try to breathe normally if you can. This will also BURN but fight it as long as you can! 

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