HIIT Full Body

HIIT Full Body

Training Notes:

A1: Place a ~25-45lb metal plate smooth-side down on a low-friction surface (turf, grass, wood, etc). Bend over and put your hands on top of the plate with your center of mass behind it. Keep your hips low and push the plate forward at a moderate speed. Each bout should be ~30-40 yards. Finish as many rounds of A1-A3 as possible in the time limit. Rest as needed.  

A2: Lying flat on your back, hold a light med-ball (~10-30lbs) over your chest. Have a partner straddle your head and stand over you. Throw the ball upwards as hard as you can. Your partner should catch the ball, center it over your chest, and then drop it for you to catch. Once you catch the ball, reverse the action immediately and explosively back into the through. Each bout should be 10 throws. Finish as many rounds of A1-A3 as possible in the time limit. Rest as needed.

A3: Use a moderate load (~30-100lbs) here. Keep the movement hip-dominant and powerful. Each bout should be 20 reps. Finish as many rounds of A1-A3 as possible in the time limit. Rest as needed.

B1: Add moderate load to a sled with handles (i.e. a Prowler or equivalent). Attach long straps/handles (i.e. TRX straps or equivalent) to the base of the sled. Maintain a low center of gravity and perform explosive rows to move the sled. Try to complete the distance in as few reps of the rows as possible. No rest before B2. 

B2: Using the same load and sled, sprint back to where you started B1. Stay low and drive hard! This should be an all-out effort.  No rest before B3. 

B3: Using the same load and sled, hold onto the straps/handles and drag the sled backwards for time. These should be small steps using mostly knee extension. Keep your hips low and torso upright. Maintain a consistent pace. Use this as your “cool-down” period. No rest before returning to B1.  

C: Use a heavy med ball (~50-150lbs) or equivalent (sand bags, stones, etc also work). Adjust a bar or platform to shoulder height. In as few sets as possible, get the ball from the ground over the bar. Make sure to lift the load with proper form and rest as needed! Adjust the load so you fall between 20-30 reps before having to take your first break. 

D: The tabata is going to be 10 seconds of max-effort work followed by 20 seconds of low-intensity work. Repeat this for a total of 10 minutes (or 20 rounds). You should be SMOKED after this. 

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