Low Rep Upper Pull

Low Rep Upper Pull

Training Notes:
A: Note the tempo here. Perform these on a machine if possible but cables also work if needed. Take your time to build the tension in the lats and try to exaggerate the stretch and contraction. Take the last set to 1RIR on each side. Start with the weaker arm then match reps on the other side.
B: Add weight to these if you're able to. These can also be done with just bw or using an assist machine. Keep the parameters the same regardless. Use 3-4 feeder sets before the top set to build some volume. Full rest between working sets and make sure to get a full ROM and initiate each rep from a deadhang.
C: These can be any grip but make sure you can adhere to the intent. The goal should be to allow your scaps to move freely through protraction in the stretch and retraction in contraction. Try to perform the concentric explosively but control the eccentric slowly. Take the last set to 1RIR.
D: Elevate your feet by ~2 inches as long as your hamstring flexibility allows for that ROM. If not, you can also go from the floor to make sure your low back stays neutral. Use a load that would be about your 10 rep max. Rest 30 sec between the clusters then take the last to technical failure. Focus on perfect control and execution on every rep here!
E1: Use functional trainer for these. Set the bench and cables up so you can get a full, deep stretch through your biceps at the bottom and then a comfortable, hard contraction at the top. Keep your shoulder blades retracted and try to prevent your upper arms from moving too much to aid the curl. These should be VERY strict and slow tempo. 
E2: Scale these according to your strength level. If you can get more than 10 reps, try to perform them standing. If you can't get at least 5 reps, add band assistance. Make sure to focus on perfect execution and control. Maintain a neutral pelvis and low back throughout.


Additional Notes: 


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