Lower Body Pump

Lower Body Pump

Training Notes:

A: Aim for high reps here but keep the tempo controlled. Adjust the leg pads and seat as needed to find the best MMC possible in your glutes and abductors. Maintain a slight arch in your low back. Take the last set to failure.

B: Note the tempo! Try to set these up in a Smith machine if possible for ease. You can also use a barbell in a rack if needed. Place a flat bench in front of the bar. Make sure to put a weight that is roughly equal to your bodyweight on the bar to prevent it from moving. Lie prone across the bench with the edge of it at the top of your thighs. Bring your feet up and press your heels against the underside of the bar with knees at ~100º flexion.  Adjust the height of the bar and distance of the bench as needed to find the perfect feel. The ROM will be short on these but make sure to keep the tension in your glutes and hams. Maintain a neutral low back and avoid hyperextension. You will have to play around with the setup and execution here to get it right but you will know when you do—your hamstrings will want to cramp up when done right! Push these hard but make sure technique and MMC are locked in. 

C: Note the tempo here too! Position the pad just above your ankles. Make sure the backrest is adjusted so your knees align with the machine's pivot point. Try to cramp your quads up when in full extension. Take 2-3 feeder sets to work up to the top set. Use the same load for the Rest Pause. The RP sets should be to technical failure with 20 sec rest between them and using a 3000 tempo. Aim to crush those quads!

D: Try to go heavy on these but leave a couple of reps in the tank. Adhere to that tempo! If you din’t have a Pendulum Squat, you can also perform Reverse Band Hack Squats, Smith Squats, or Quad Focused V Squats. Keep your back against the pad and your feet shoulder-width apart. Position your feet slightly lower on the platform to maximize knee flexion. Get as deep into the ROM as possible. Make sure to nail the pause in the stretch. Take full rest between these sets.

E: Position your feet slightly higher-than-normal on the platform to bias your glutes. Perform 2-3 feeder sets before the top set. Take FULL rest between top and down set here. Leave a couple of reps in the tank on each but really aim to push the load. 

F1: Elevate your front foot by ~2 inches to encourage more ROM at the bottom of the rep. But make sure your back leg isn’t elevated too high as to prevent depth—It should be ~12-16 inches depending on your height. Hold the DB in your contralateral hand and use your ipsilateral hand to balance/brace. Push the load on the top/weighted sets. For the bw set, use 3030 tempo and do NOT lockout or use your upper body for balance. These should burn! Make sure to start with your weaker side on all sets then match reps with your stronger side. 

F2: Perform only TWO working sets here. Elevate your toes for more ROM. Adhere closely to the tempo and end the sets when you can no longer get full plantarflexion. Make sure to start with your weaker side on all sets then match reps with your stronger side. 

G: Try to use a Smith for these, but barbell or machine will also work well. Perform 1-2 feeder sets before the working set. Work up to a load that would be close to your 20 rep max then take it to failure. After failure, you’re going to continue with myoreps consisting of 5 additional reps and 5 breaths as rest. Discontinue the myos when you can no longer achieve 5 perfect reps OR if you complete 5 full rounds.

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