Max Effort Pull

Max Effort Pull

Training Notes: 

A: Use grip that is about shoulder width. Keep tension in lats throughout. Take the last set to failure then perform a double drop set with ~25% load reductions. Each drop should be to technical failure. 

B: Try to use a machine that allows for a ~45º downward angle on the row. Isolateral machines work the best here as well. Use a load that is about your 12 rep max and perform only a single Rest Pause set. Rest ~20 sec between RP sets and take each to failure. Make sure to perform feeder sets as needed before jumping into the RP sequence. 

C: Torso angle should be ~45º. Keep the movement very controlled and limit “body English”. Slowly work up to the top set here by performing 2-3 feeder sets of 5 reps. For the down sets, reduce the load by ~10% and take each to 1RIR to build volume. Take your time during and between sets to ensure form is perfect. 

D: Perform ONLY the eccentric portion of the lift. Use a bench or box to step up to the top of the ROM and then let yourself down with a 5 sec tempo through the eccentric. Make sure to control it until your arms are straight and scaps are elevated then pause for a count in the stretch. Do NOT perform the concentric! If bw is too easy, add load around your waste to adhere to the RIR given. Take full rest between these sets!

E: Use load that is roughly your 20 rep max for traditional Single Arm DB Rows. Starting with your weaker side, go to failure then match the reps on the stronger side after a full rest period. This should be ALL OUT effort. Slight deviations in form are acceptable as long as it’s not increasing risk of injury. 

F: Note eccentric tempo. Go from knees here. Get full extension on each rep. Make sure pelvis and lumbar spine remain neutral throughout. Take each set as far as you can before technique begins to break. 


Additional Notes:

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