Novel Chest and Shoulders

Novel Chest and Shoulders

Training Notes:

A: Perform these using a functional trainer or equivalent. Setup a flat bench in between the pulleys. Adjust the pulleys so they are about ~12 in higher than the bench.  You can use D handles here but I would recommend just holding onto the cables in order to lead with your thumbs (neutral grip). Pay close attention to the tempo here and keep all the tension in your delts. Adjust your arm path as needed to find the best feel. Build volume and take full rest between sets. Take the last set to 1RIR. 

B1: No back support here. These should resemble the bottom half of an Arnold press but with no locking out at the top. The actual movement will resemble more of a “rotation” than a “press”. Keep these controlled and fluid. Make sure to keep your abs braced and aim for a huge pump in your delts. Take the last set to 1RIR. No rest before B2.

B2: Elevate each hand by ~3 inches for more ROM. Use pushup handles if possible in order to stack and adjust your wrists. Try to find the position that is most comfortable on your elbows and shoulders. Get a deep stretch through your pecs at the bottom of the rep then reach through your scaps at the top. Get your arms and trunk lined up when locked out in the pike position. Keep the movement very fluid and take each set to technical failure. Your delts should be on fire! Full rest before returning to B1. 

C: This movement is a bit funky and requires some coordination so perform a couple of light warmup sets as needed in order to get it down. The goal here is fluidity! Push each set hard but make sure your delts are the primary movers. The exercise lends itself to naturally favor momentum so don’t fight it! Just find that rhythm and go with it. Take the last set to failure. 

D: For these to work, you MUST use a machine with a single frame (ie NOT isolateral). Perform the concentric with both arms and then the eccentric unilaterally. Alternate as you go so both sides get equal stimulus. Really control the tempo here and aim to overload the eccentric. You will have to brace/stabilize hard with your abs during the unilateral portions. Leave a couple of reps in the tank on each set and build volume/time-under-tension. 

E1: Use a ~45º incline here for the whole triset and use a load that would be about your 10 rep max for flyes. Take the set to failure with perfect form and a deep stretch through your pecs. No rest before E2.

E2: Using the same load as E1, press the DBs together and roll into hex presses. Take this set to failure as well. Make sure to contract your pecs hard throughout with active adduction (ie SQUEEZE). Flare your elbows slightly during the reps to get a bit more pec involvement. No rest before E3.

E3: Using the same load as E1, separate the DBs and continue with regular DB presses with a semi pronated grip. Take these to failure as well. Get a full ROM and use slow tempo. After failure with the DB presses, drop the load by ~25% and return to E1. Cycle through the mechanical drop set again in the same fashion. Once you finish this second time through, drop the load AGAIN by ~25% of the initial load. Cycle through the mechanical drop set again. In total, you will perform 3 load drop sets with a mechanical drop set at each leg. 

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