Nuthin' But Gloots

Nuthin' But Gloots

Training Notes:

A1: Adjust your torso angle and body position as needed to get the best mind-muscle connection possible here. Keep the tempo controlled and make sure to fully contract your abductors. Aim for the top of the rep range on set one. Rest ~30 sec before A2.

A2: Use a load that would be about your ~20RM for normal belt squats. Take a shoulder width stance, remain upright, and keep your hands off the apparatus. Slowly shift your weight back and forth between your feet, lifting each ~1-2 inches off the platform as you go. This will force the stabilizers of the hip to kick in and work hard for the duration of the set. It won’t seem like much at first but these get really challenging really fast! Rest ~30 sec before returning to A1.

B: Try to use a machine with a fixed path for these if you can. Cables also work but the instability will make it more challenging to maximize the MMC in the glutes. Don’t stress the load here. Just worry about contracting the working glute as hard as possible and maintaining the tension throughout the ROM. Avoid overuse of your hamstrings, quads or low back. Take rest between legs as needed.

C: Attach a band to the bottom of the apparatus and loop it over your shoulders to add tension to lockout. Also hold weight against your chest if you’re able. Take 2-3 sets to reach the top set here. Try to treat these like you would heavy RDLs and keep the hinge short but explosive. After reaching the top set and taking it to technical failure, perform a double drop set—first, dropping the added load and then dropping the band tension. Each drop should be taken to failure as well. 

D: Adjust your feet and stance on the foot plate in order to bias the glutes/hips over the quads. Think about putting your feet a bit higher and wider on the platform with your toes turned out a bit (more externally rotated). Keep the eccentric very slow and controlled. Try to allow the glutes to lengthen/stretch at the bottom of the ROM. Push the load and intensity here while staying well shy of failure. Build volume and take full rest between sets. 

E1: Use a load that would be about your 20 rep max. Start with your weaker side. Take the set to failure with a controlled tempo and hard hip extension. Focus on keeping all tension in your working glute and fully shorten it. Rest ~20 sec before E2.

E2: Use a load that would be about your 20 rep max. Hold the DB in your contralateral hand and use your ipsilateral hand to brace. Allow for subtle hip internal rotation on the eccentric to lengthen the working glute. Externally rotate and “open” your hips at the top of the ROM. The tempo here should be slow and controlled. Make sure all rotation is isolated to your hips and your spine remains fixed. Push these as hard as you can and fight through the burn. Rest ~20 sec before E3.

E3: Elevate your front foot by ~2 inches for more ROM. Think about getting a max stretch through the working glute. These should be pulsed reps and not locked out at the top to maintain constant tension. Push these as far as you can take them while trying to isolate the glute as much as possible (as compared to the quad kicking in). Perform E1-E3 on the same side before switching! And take a full rest and try to match reps on the stronger side.

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