Old-School Back

Old-School Back

Training Notes:

A: Make sure to warmup before the first working set but performing 2 lighter sets of pulldowns then a set of assisted pull-ups. Use a grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width on these.  Add load if you’re able to get more than 6 reps easily with bw and add assistance if you fall below 4 reps with bw. Get a full ROM on these with a full stretch and reach at the bottom and then pulling your eyes to hand level at the top. Focus on getting full scapular movement here. Don’t try to make this a lat movement. Take the last set to technical failure.  

B: Take these out of a rack just as if you were performing heavy barbell RDLs. Hinge at the hips to keep the tension in your hams/glutes and keep your torso at ~30º relative to the floor. These should be VERY strict so make sure to limit hip drive. Pull the bar into your upper abdomen and focus on your mid back. Perform the concentric powerfully and control the eccentric. Make sure those scaps are fully protracting and retracting on each rep. Take full rest between sets and leave a couple of reps in the tank. 

C: Go heavy on these if you’re able to. Use your off arm to stabilize. Take a squared stance with your feet so your hips are even (rather than rotated). Your torso should be about ~30º relative to the floor. Perform these with power on the concentric and don’t be afraid to add a little bit of controlled trunk rotation to keep them moving. Make sure to “row” the DB into your belly and don’t just “swing” it into your hip. Allow those scaps to move freely again on these. Start with the weaker side then match reps on the other. Take breaks between arms as needed. 

D1: Try to use a pin-loaded machine for these if possible. If not, perform standing cable pullovers with an EZ or straight bar. Keep all tension in lats here. Pause in contraction and try to shorten those lats as much as possible. Control the eccentric slowly and get a hard stretch at the top. Take the last set to technical failure. Rest ~60 sec before D2.

D2: Use load that would be about your 20 rep max here. Adjust the bench to ~45º. Lie prone on the bench and allow the DBs to pull your shoulder blades apart in rest. Lead with your pinkies here and perform the flyes in the plane that allows for the strongest MMC in your rear delts. Get a full ROM at the top of each rep and control the eccentric down. Allow natural scapular movement. Take each set to technical failure with strict form. Take full rest before returning to D1.

E1: Set these up so the start position of the bar is just below your knees (or mid shins). Use a load that is about 70% of your 1 rep max deadlift FROM THE FLOOR. Make sure to warmup as needed before the working set here. Pay close attention to execution and ensure your trunk remains rigid and pelvis neutral. The reps here should start from 1 and increase by 1 each “round”. Aim to get as high as you can in reps. This should be only one all out effort. For example) Start with 1 rack pull then perform 3 shrugs. Then 2 rack pulls and 3 shrugs. Then 3 rack pulls and 3 shrugs. Etc. Once you can no longer complete the “round”, the set is over. 

E2: Perform 3 reps after each “round” of the Rack Pulls. Use your hips as needed to accelerate the upwards on the concentric. Keep your abs braced hard throughout. 

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