Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning

Training Notes:

A1: Use a prowler for these (or equivalent) if possible. Load should be heavy enough to force a march at top speed. Drive through each step using forceful hip flexion and extension. Keep your torso angle low to create leverage. No rest before A2.  

A2: These should be much more about mobility and stability than strength on the pushup. Keep your legs/knees straight during the walkout and try to prevent too much lateral movement through your hips/trunk. Your abs should be tight and braced throughout. From a standing position, walk your hands out into the pushup plank position, perform the dynamic pushup, then walk your hands back in and stand up tall to finish the rep. Use these as rest for A1 then go immediately back into the marches.  

B1: Note the tempo! Only use bodyweight here but adjust your positioning as needed to ensure that you hit concentric failure. Elevate your feet as needed. Rotate from pronated to neutral through the concentric and make sure to get a full ROM on each rep. Rest ~20 sec before B2.

B2: Perform these on turf if possible. Place a metal 10 or 25lb plate inside the foot of your non-working leg. And you perform each lateral lunge, drag the plate along by adducting the trailing leg.  Make sure that the plate isn’t so heavy as to compromise your positioning. The adductions should be supplementary to the lunges. Perform all reps one way and on the same leg before turning around and repeating for the other side. Rest ~20 sec before B3.

B3: Set-up a pulley at about mid-chest height and attach a long strap or single rope to it. Take a side-facing, half kneeling stance roughly 3 feet away from the pulley with your grounded leg being furthest away. Hold onto the rope/strap with an overhand grip and with both hands. With straight arms, rotate your trunk and push/pull the cable across your body toward your hip. The angle of the cable should be ~30º downward. Keep the tempo very controlled and allow the load to pull you back into your neutral start position. Make sure your hips/glutes stay locked in throughout the set. Take full rest before returning to B1

C: Try to use plates that have cut-out handles in them if possible. Loop a long resistance band around the collars of the bar, under the plates, and then under your feet. Instead of holding onto the bar as normal, reach out wide and hold onto the actual plates. This will resemble an extreme snatch grip. Shorter individuals may need to use a trap bar to reduce the distance between the plates. Take your time working up to find a working weight in order to get comfortable with the movement. Then perform working sets with full rest between them. Try to keep the concentric powerful against the band while retaining rigidity and integrity of the trunk and upper back. 

D: Set-up a barbell in a landmine attachment. Start standing upright with the bar in hand at shoulder height. Each rep should be a step back into a reverse lunge, a single arm overhead press from the lunge position, then the completion of the lunge back to upright. Take your time through these and make sure to perform each phase on its own. Keep your back knee hovering off the floor for the OHP. Perform all reps on the same side before switching and take a full rest between sides. The load should be moderate here and intensity recommendations should be foregone in favor of a focus on stability, mobility, and fluidity. 

E1: Use a load that is about your 20 rep max for overhead front raises. Perform 10 perfect reps here. Move onto E2 with no rest and without setting the plate down. 

E2: Use the same load. The surface being used should be about knee height and stable. Hold the plate at chest height. Alternate legs as you go. Move onto E3 with no rest and without setting the plate down. 

E3: Use the same load. Get a full ROM and stretch. Continue back to E1 with no rest and without setting the plate down. Cycle through this triset as many times as possible until you have to set the plate down. Once the plate leaves your hands, the set is over. 

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